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Companies expect employees to be reliable. Reliable means dependable and trustworthy. Employers rely on employees to report to work on time. Employees are expected to devote their time on the job to completing their work. Companies expect employees to keep company business confidential and to protect the assets of the company.

Productivity is demonstrated by doing an appropriate amount of work on time and according to instructions. Employers expect workers to produce a reasonable amount of work. Often specific, measurable standards for 2 days work are not practical. Managers, however, have some level of output that they believe is reasonable for an employee. Following a schedule that ensures you will complete the amount of work expected of you is important.

Valuable workers are aware of what they are accomplishing each day. They are able to evaluate their own work and make changes as needed. Some managers discuss productivity with their workers in informal ways from time to time. Other managers expect workers to decide on their own what changes are needed to improve productivity. Managers and executives identify the following barriers too high for employees: talking with friends by telephone; chatting with coworkers for long periods of time; failing to maintain an organized workstation; moving from task to task before anyone is completed.